Must Have Fashion Staples to Create Easy Multiple Outfits


Sometimes it can be overwhelming to put an outfit together especially in a rush. Overtime I’ve learned that having certain fashion staples in my wardrobe allows me to put outfits together easily.

Another good thing is that collecting these items overtime gives the ability to interchange them thus creating multiple outfits.
In this post I will list out those particular items.  Not only will these help build your wardrobe but you will also keep them forever.

This first fashion staple is the outer layer of an outfit..

1. Jacket
a) Blazer– In neutral, black and a pop color or colors of your choice.  This staple item can be dressed down see an example here. It can also be dressed up see an example here and here.
b) Leather Jacket-In a neutral, black and a pop color. You can see one of my favorite leather jackets in a previous blog post here.
c) Denim Jacket-I love denim jackets because they literally go with anything! See how I wore it with this dress here.
In summary, having each item will allow you to grow your wardrobe with essential items that can go with anything.  Thus people will not notice that its an item you have had for several years.

This next wardrobe essential is layered under jackets…

2. Top
a) Cami-In white, black and a neutral color.
b) Tee– In white and black.
It is a good idea to have several different styles, lengths and types of each of these items.  No need to pay alot for these as they do not last as long.  In almost all my previous posts I have a tank or tee layered under some sort of jacket.

This next item is very important because it rounds out the total outfit…

3. Pant
a) Jeans– In colors blue, black and white.  Skinny, Bootcut or Flare
First of all, I really love the Rockstar jeggings at Old Navy because they are so comfortable and fit so well.  I’ve worn these with so many outfits here and here.  I also love J. Crew’s jeans because they last a while and they are always on sale. See how I wore them here.   I have an example of a flare leg jean in another post here.
b) Dress Pant-Navy, Black and a pop color or print.  Skinny, Bootcut or Flare.
I have an example here of a neon green pair with a blazer and a navy pair here.
c) Leggings-I cannot forget the simple black legging!  I practically live in these in the winter.

And of course this next item is a must have to anchor the outfit…

4. Shoes
a) Dressy Flats– Neutral, Metallic, Black and a fun print.
b) Heels-In Neutral and Black.  Heels and flats are interchangeable because if you want to be comfortable you can just wear a dressy flat instead.
c) Boots-Black-knee boots or Booties.  I wear alot of leggings with boots often times mixed with a jacket because it’s so easy and fashion forward.
In almost all my posts I have on a neutral or metallic silver heel and/or boots or a bootie.
You can where a shoe with a fun print to mix and match the outfit or keep it all neutral.

Once you have collected all these items you can make a fashion statement. If being a fashionista is not your goal then at least you won’t have to go shopping for a while! I’ve collected a lot of items over 5 years ago which has saved me lots of money!  Therefore you can never go wrong!

In summary, having each fashion staple will allow you to grow your wardrobe, choose outfits easily and create multiple outfits.  Thus people will not notice that you’ve worn each piece several times and have had some items for several years.

Here are some other examples below.

Fashion staple Cape with Booties Fashion Staples Jean Jacket and Dress Fashion Staples Blazer with Navy Pants Fashion Staples Pink Blazer and Stripe Pant Fashion Staples Navy Blazer with Khaki Pant Fashion Statement Navy Cardigan with Floral Legging

Now put your outfit together and let me know how it turned out 😉

Fashion Staples Needed to Create Easy Multiple Outfits