How to clean out your closet when seasons change

How to clean out your closet
Fall is officially here and soon I will be switching out my summer wardrobe with my winter clothing.  Before I can do that I like to clean out what is currently in my closet in order to make room for my winter clothes.  Not only does cleaning out my closet make room for the next season but it is also refreshing because…
  1. It declutters my mind

    So when looking for something to wear each day to work I can make a decision much quicker if I’m in a rush.  I feel like a lot of people think that having or buying alot of clothes adds value to their wardrobe but really… if you are buying things just to buy them and you aren’t wearing them its a waist of money and space.  In this post I explain the must have fashion staples you need in your closet to easily create multiple outfits.  I must admit even I am guilty of doing this especially if the item is on sale but I am not afraid to get rid of it if it’s collecting dust and have no need for it.  I can’t help but feel free after letting go of the clutter.

  2. It makes space for something new

    When I throw out old things from my closet it makes space for something new.  Once I have thrown out items I can fit new items in that I know I will definitely wear.

  3. It keeps me disciplined and teaches not to impulse buy

    For example,  I have bought alot of silk blouses from J. Crew Warehouse Sales because they are such good quality and marked down so low that I have the urge to buy them.  Before I knew it I probably had about 20 blouses in my closet that I never wore or wore only once over the course of 5 years.  Now I know that silk blouses are not my thing so I probably won’t ever buy them again.  I was just in J. Crew the other day and saw some really pretty silk blouses but immediately snapped out of it because I remembered how many silk blouses that collected dust in my closet.

  4. I can make money

    Join Ebay or Poshmark, have a yard sale, sell them to your local consignment shops. At least I can make some extra cash to pay off a debt or save enough money to buy an expensive item that I’ve been wanting for a while but didn’t have the money. Take advantage of local community yard sales.  I took part in my apartment community yard sale for the first time and walked away with $170 in 4 hours.

It can be a bit overwhelming if you have alot to go through in your closet.  Just take each item one by one and ask yourself these questions…
  1. Have I worn this yet?  If not, ask yourself why and be honest.  Does it fit? Does it look like it will be uncomfortable? Is it really ugly now and I never should have bought it? If you have worn it then ask yourself the next question.
  2. How long ago did I wear this? If it was only once within the last year ask your self the next question.
  3. Will I wear it again?  If yes and you really do love it then keep it. Some items will be worn again for special occasions or events, etc.  If no, then follow the steps below:
  • If it’s still in decent condition but you cannot wear it anymore because of sizing issues, or you don’t wear it, etc. but it is still trendy you can make money off of it by selling it on Ebay or Poshmark.  Ebay is very user friendly and easy to sign up.  You can also go to your nearest consignment shop such as Clothes Mentor or Uptown Cheapskate.  These are some examples of items I’ve sold on Ebay:

J. Crew New Balance, Gold/White.

Still in fairly new condition but I can no longer wear them because they did not fit.

Nike Dunk Sky High Wedge Sneakers

Same issue as the above.  I bought them a size too big and only wore them twice because of it.

Juan Carlos Obando for J. Crew Dolores Blouse

I bought this at a J. Crew warehouse sale almost 2 years ago and never wore it once.  The times that I did attempt to wear it…it looked horrible on me and not what I expected.  This is a perfect example of items you need to get rid of by selling it. Here are some tips to help you determine if an item needs to be tossed…
  • If the item is still in decent condition but you cannot wear it anymore because of size etc. but it is not up to date or on trend then donate it to Goodwill or a women’s shelter.  There are plenty of people that can make use of items you do not want anymore.
  • If it’s stained, has holes or ruined in some way then don’t donate something that is not useful for someone else just throw it away.
  • If it’s an item that you cannot live without or if its a keepsake for whatever reason… then keep it. For example, I have a blazer, a pair of shoes and some earrings that I got in London studying abroad.  I will never get rid of these items because they have sentimental value to me.

I hope that following some of these steps will help you in your closet cleaning process as much as it helps me and I hope you feel just as good about it as I do.

If you have any other tips or advice on how you clean your closet then send me a comment below.